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Dusseldorf by bicycle.

If you like to explore Dusseldorf on a bicycle tour, here are some helpful information.

You will find our Hotel Partner who hires quality bicycle only a few minites away on the other Rhine side in Dusseldorf Oberkassel.

You have to reserve in advance:

Dusseldorf Oberkassel
Dusseldorfer Straße 36
7 day's a week
09:00 to 11:00 and 16:30 to 18:30
telephone 0211-5590635 Mobil 01520-4697087

Our reception manager will help you!

how to reach:

  • Right outside our hotel.
  • On the corner right again and follow the road Herzogstraße to the Rhine.
  • After 100m enter the Bus who brings you from Herzogstraße in 2 stops to the other Rhine Site of Dusseldorf - "Oberkassel"

    You can use the bus free with our Hotel- Guest- Ticket

    If you like to walk over the bride, it is possible too. You will see a imposant Skyline of Dusseldorf.
    • Your Exit is "Dusseldorfer Straße" (1st Stop on the other Rhine Site)
    Follow "Dusseldorfer Straße" to house 36, the shop is in the garage of the house.

1 day for 10€ incl VAT
7 days for 40 € incl VAT

My favorite bicycle tour to explore dusseldorf on a sunny day. ~ 25km

We start at the Rhine.

  • (right out of the hotel, at the corner right again, follow Herzogstraße. Don't enter the bride from the beginning, follow the bride right side and you will find your bikeway access after 100 m. "Rheinkniebrücke"

What a Skyline!
• Cross the bride (Rheinkniebrücke" on the right bikeway to "Oberkassel".
You will see the Tower of Dusseldorf with 160m on the left side, also the Dusseldorf Parlament "Landtag NRW", the local television WDR and Dusseldorf Harbor "Medienhafen"
Right side of you is the popular skyline of Dusseldorf with the old town, Schlossturm and Lambertus Churche.

• After crossing the bride, hold right and use the bicycle way direct down the Rhine.
Now you follow the Rhine, passed Dusseldorf "Oldtown", Oberkassler Bride with our Music Hall "Tonhalle" the Rhinepark with the embassies area of Dusseldorf. Next bride is the "Theodor Heuss Bride"

• On your side you cross the open air bath "Lörrick" to the car ferry in Lank Latum.

How nice to cross the Rhine on a sunny day with a ferry. - OK, DO IT!

You are now in Dusseldorf Kaiserswerth and you have you 1st STOP after ~ 12km
Kaiserswerth - Old history city with nice shops, exclusive restaurants and an excellent beer garden "BURGHOF"

After lunch or a cold beer you start into the 2nd tour, back to Dusseldorf and our Hotel.
• follow the bicycle way on the Rhine, passed the exhibition centre of Dusseldorf, the sport and concert Arena Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf international "is 10min behind the exhibition centre but Not on our tour.

• After passing the business center you see the "NORTHPARK" with the popular "Japanese Garden" and our "AquaZOO" - Nice for another stop.

• From "Northpark" you will pass on this Rhine side again the "Theodor Heuss Bride", the embassy area, the Rhine Park, the "Tonhalle", "Oberkassler Brige" into the OLD TOWN "Altstadt" with "Lambertus Chruch", and "Schlossturm" the 100 pubs, shops and museums.

• Next Bridge is the "Kniebrücke" with the "Apollo Theatre" the Düsseldorf Parlament "Landtag" and Dusseldorf Tower with the biggest Decimal Watch in the World. There is a Restaurant on TOP.

• This is the exclusive "MEDIENHAFEN" area with bars, clubs, restaurants, television studios and the POPULARE architectonic buildings of Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield, Joe Coenen, Steven Holl, und Claude.

To return to the hotel, you have to cycle back to the Kniebrücke, follow the bride on the road. You will find our hotel on the Jahnstraße, left side.

I hope you enjoy my favorite tour.

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Carnival «« Dusseldorf by Bike (Sat, 05 Jul 2008)

Dusseldorf Germany


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